Comarch Identity and Access Management

Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a solution that allows full control over the access to company’s applications, VPNs and workstations. It comes with world-class methods for identity lifecycle, authentication, authorization and accountability. Its modular architecture makes it easy to adapt to specific types of organizations across hierarchies and geographies.

Key business advantages

Role-based Access Control approach (RBAC)Simplifies user management and ensures high flexibility
Single Sign-On solution (SSO)Makes it possible to render centralized user authentication services
Integration with PKI and SmartCardsAllows the use of cryptographic certificates as an authentication method
Delegation of dutiesEnables permission delegation to another user under constrained time horizons
Compliance with GDPR regulationsProvides support for data portability, right to be forgotten, anonymization, pseudonymization, and more
Identity management solutionEnables appropriate persons to access the required resources at specific times and for specific reasons
Access management featureAllows to manage access to systems and recourses across the entire enterprise and performs full accounting
Workflow processes for multi-level acceptance schemesAllow to use the four-eye principle every time a user or their supervisor requests a new permission - without using external mechanisms and eliminating paperwork

How does Comarch IAM solution work?

The following diagram illustrates the position of the IAM platform in the enterprise infrastructure and the importance of identity management software and access management software for protected data access.


Identification and authentication methods:
Static and masked password
One-time-password (OTP) tokensTpro family: mobile and hardware
PKI SmartCards and cryptographic tokensSupport for RSA and ECC algorithms
Biometric identityFingerprints
Kerberos and LDAP
Social media login

Comarch Identity and Access Management software

The growing complexity of company structures and the increasing number of applications used at companies make user management a time-consuming and complicated task. A company can solve this problem by applying a centralized identity and access management solution, minimizing both human effort and errors.

The main beneficiaries of this solution are EU-based companies processing personal and sensitive data. Comarch IAM may be used for adjusting role and access permissions, granting remote access to company’s IT resources or delegating privileges. It also provides vital assistance in meeting the GDPR requirements.

Selected capabilities:

  • Centralized and efficient access control policy
  • Reflection of company’s organizational structure
  • Delegation of authority (user permissions may be passed on to another user in a time-constraint manner)
  • Management of user and device identities in a large number of IT systems integrated with various applications and operating systems
  • Support for third-party and Comarch own authentication devices

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