Comarch Transaction Protection - tPro Mobile

Comarch tPro Mobile is a mobile solution for strong customer authentication and transaction authorization based on two factors: what the user has – a mobile phone with an app; and what the user knows – a PIN or pattern. The application also supports biometry on mobile devices with a fingerprint scanner. Developed as a cost-effective solution for retail and corporate customers to boost their mobile banking security, tPro Mobile works both in online and offline mode on iOS and Android.

Proactive security

tPro Mobile provides different data validation scenarios designed to proactively decrease the probability of fraud transactions.

High flexibility

tPro Mobile gives users the possibility to choose between one-time passwords, QR codes and push notifications.

OATH compliance

tPro Mobile offers strong customer authentication and transaction authorization using the HOTP, TOTP and OCRA algorithms adopted by the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH).

Free customization

tPro Mobile can be customized for free to include customer logos, colors and supported languages, as well as a voice assistant in your language.

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