AXA Luxembourg expands cooperation with Comarch to new insurance systems

Comarch and AXA Luxembourg signed a contract to implement and maintain new policy administration and claims management systems for health business: Comarch Life Insurance and Comarch Insurance Claims.

The insurer's goal is to digitize and optimize all customer service processes related to health products, with special emphasis on the reimbursement of medical costs.

"After the success of our first common project - the implementation of Comarch Digital Insurance - we have opted for two new systems, Comarch Life Insurance and Comarch Insurance Claims that will cover our policy management, underwriting, and claims management", said Georges Biver, Head of Life & Health at AXA Luxembourg

As noted by Olivier Vansteelandt, CIO at AXA Luxembourg, AXA wanted to re-organize its core systems to interface easily with external tools such as CRM, document management or mass printing. “As we were already cooperating for our sales tool, we thought about expanding this cooperation for a better homogenization of our IT landscape”, highlights the CIO.

According to Tony Ciccarella, Transformation Manager at AXA Luxembourg, one of the reasons Comarch's offer has been chosen was the highest level of R&D investment the company makes compared to other tender participants. "This gave us insight into future prospects for innovation, new markets and new clients", Mr. Ciccarella said.

“As our ongoing relationship brought us closer, we managed to deeply understand the real needs AXA had. This has enabled us to adjust our offer to fit AXA’s expectations perfectly", pointed out Emilie Peyroche d’Arnaud, AXA Global Account Manager for Comarch Financial Services.


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