Insurance software for distributors: agents, brokers and intermediaries

The comprehensive solution provides insurance sales force with smart tools ensuring an effective sales process, convenient portfolio maintenance and performance monitoring, as well as a place to share corporate know-how in one insurance agent portal. It can be used by agent, broker, manager, intermediary, call center operator and other back-office workers to support internal processes.

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Pre-sales & new business

Tools and features designed for efficient customer acquisition, advisory, policy offering and sales:

  • needs analysis 
  • quick insurance quotations, easily turnable into offers 
  • offer variants tailored to client needs
  • policy issuance
  • e-payment support

Policy support & monitoring

Mechanisms focused on the ongoing policy portfolio review, maintenance and support:

  • universal google-like search bar
  • policy 360° view
  • after-sales operation: amendments, termination, renewal
  • related documents & attachments
  • policy expiration & missing payment warnings

Customers & communication

Prospect and client register in the insurance agent portal with quick data access for agile service and smooth communication:

  • universal google-like search bar 
  • client 360⁰ view
  • personal data & consent amendment requests
  • client & prospect tagging
  • related documents & attachments
  • overview of policies, offers, needs analyses and recommended products

Claim fundamentals

Essential claim-related features in case of clients requesting agent assistance:

  • First Notice of Loss registration
  • claim status monitoring
  • basic preview of claim data.

Task management

A set of quick functions for work planning and improving agent performance, including work scheduling and the possibility to retrieve externally assigned tasks:

  • dashboard with the user task inbox 
  • workflow (possibility to connect to BPM)
  • self-planning including tasks & reminders
  • supervisor task registration
  • mass registration of external tasks (e.g. mass campaigns via API).

Business performance monitoring

Predefined reports on various aspects of business performance for self-monitoring and analysis:

  • sales performance and sales pipeline: needs analysis, quotations, offers, proposals, policies 
  • earned premiums for a given calculation period
  • agent sales plan progress 
  • calculated commissions & settlements
  • gamification: leaderboard & achievements

Comarch Digital Insurance applications

Distributors Mobile

Distributors Mobile App

Distributors Mobile App is an add-on to Comarch Digital Insurance, fully integrated with the web application.

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Business administrators

Business administrator

Business administrator can configure the parameters, business rules, premium calculation, rights, roles in organizational structure, and have the possibility to change or adjust your products in the software if needed.

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Clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.

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All applications dedicated to insurance sales force, clients and a business administrator are based on one common engine which provides business logic. The engine ensures a smooth workflow of tasks and activities, efficient management of insurance product definitions, as well as easy access to clients’ data and policies.

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