Comarch Managed Mainframe Services

ATM operations, credit card usage, money transfers or investment capital management require the highest level of security, performance and availability. The world’s top banks and insurance companies rely on mainframe systems in running their daily business to comply with the most demanding requirements. Yet, the aging systems combined with shrinking access to specialists make managing and maintaining mainframe infrastructure more and more complex. It’s time to enhance your company’s mainframe infrastructure with Comarch Managed Mainframe Services

Our solution can be used by:

Banks and other financial institutions

Why outsourcing mainframe services in the first place

Ensure flexibility and control

What you get is a complete range of services designed for financial institutions to manage and maintain their mainframe infrastructure. As IBM certified partner, we help install, configure and maintain Db2 products to track the performance of the mainframe system and adjust its capacity to meet your company’s needs.

Smoothly migrate your infrastructure to Db2 12

You can easily do so with our technical and operational support available remotely or on-site. And in so doing, you will address the main challenges of today’s mainframe infrastructure: time- and cost-effective project implementation, improved capacity or workload automation.

Keep your data secure

We provide backup, disaster recovery, security policy management and data replication services. Protecting you against cyber-crime and data breaches is a vital part of what we do. We stay in line with GDPR and other regulations.

Stay on top of innovation

The mainframe infrastructure bring way more than data transactions and a high level of data security. AI, machine learning, blockchain, advanced data encryption…We are always ready to participate in the digital transformation of banking and insurance, providing technological and business support.

What you can achive with us

Reduce administrative costs and optimize workload

Shift from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operational ones (OpEx)

Gain better flexibility and scalability

Free-up time and resources by outsourcing selected services e.g. maintenance or migration, take advantage of hosting services in Comarch Data Centers

Improve security and reliability

Pick the service you need to enhance security: performance monitoring, reporting, security management, changes processing in databases, and more

Choose from a wide range of products

Including solutions from IBM and other vendors

Take part in extensive training programs

Let your IT specialists learn mainframe-related skills

Get access to specialists with hands-on experience

Certified professionals providing administrative, technical, and business consulting support 24/7

Mainframe services – what we can help you with

  • Installation, configuration and migration of Db2 systems
  • Capacity management for maximum system efficiency
  • Database management and changes processing
  • High availability and business continuity services
  • Hosting and colocation services in secure Comarch Data Centers
  • Migrating mainframe-based systems to x86 and other architectures
Benefit from our hosting and colocation services in Comarch Data Centers

How we stand out from the rest

Comarch Managed Mainframe Services were formed while we worked on the IT system for the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). The system had 25 million users and processed close to a billion mission-critical documents a year.

Our engineers are certified System and Database Administrators for numerous versions of IBM Db2 systems and have industry-proven experience in system management and database maintenance in the financial sector.

We have certified professionals at your disposal, providing administrative, technical, and business consulting support 24/7. We also run extensive training programs for your staff. Gain access to reliable mainframe services provided by Comarch to achieve better operational efficiency.
How we work: a story of migrating Db2 to IBM Db2 PureScale on LUW

The scope of work delivered included: network connections, hardware and infrastructure services, software and HA, along with scaling and risk analysis.  To achieve the project goals, the Comarch team mapped the whole system architecture with its functions and mechanisms into complete documentation of the current system. It opened the door to plan the logical architecture on other platforms, such as x86-based architectures.

More information

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