The phone as a flexible business tool

Has your place of work been your home for a few weeks now? Do you share your desk and computer with other household members, and everyone has something important to do at the same time? You don’t have to lose any sleep over the organization of your work and the availability of work tools to serve you. You don't have to burn the midnight oil, because only then you do have the right conditions to work and take care of your business. Work from whenever you want and be within reach when your contractors are working. The company management application available for smartphones allows you to run your business at any time.

A business management application on your computer, or maybe a business application on your phone?

You do not need a computer with access to the internet, or a special place to work. The possibility of managing the company and controlling its finances is always at hand, because a smartphone with access to the internet is available to all of us. Mobile applications are available after a few clicks on the phone, we do not waste time on logging into the computer's operating system.

An application on a smartphone will make it easier for small entrepreneurs to do business. It gives access to both banking and financial management of the company. It enables constant checking of the status of finances, execution of transfers, monitoring the state of cash flows with contractors 24 hours a day, and contacts with customers and suppliers. An additional benefit is the forecasting of revenues and costs, which in times of market instability is a very valuable tool both for the entrepreneur and the bank. The most desired functions are in one place.

Mobile business applications ensure full financial security and offer a wide range of functions

Using the phone to make a transfer or invoice is still seen as the final solution. On the one hand, we are worried that on the small screen of a smartphone, some information may escape our attention or that we’ll have a problem typing things on a small keyboard. On the other hand, we are worried about security and whether our money may simply disappear from our accounts. Well, let’s see.

A mobile application offers a lot of advantages. First of all, it is designed to use the native mechanisms of the Android and iOS platforms. This allows for intuitive use and easy navigation through the application thanks to the navigation we are used to. To make the task easier for those who do not feel proficient in entering data on a small screen of a smartphone, the user has access to a full database of contractors that have been introduced on the website. The transfer can be made straight from the detailed view of a given contractor. Issuing an invoice will not cause major problems either. In addition to the contractor database access, we also have a database of products offered by our company, which can be easily selected from the list and added to the sales document issued. When we receive an invoice and want to enter it into the system, the application comes with an OCR solution.

The solution allows you to scan and recognize characters in a document. Details of the invoice are read and presented on the phone screen, and all we have to do is verify their correctness and finally confirm that the data can be saved in the system. Everything can be done quickly and easily.

Full financial security in a mobile application

The security of using the application is maintained by using various mechanisms. Security-sensitive activities, such as logging in and operation signing are carried out primarily by the use of modern cryptography and monitoring threats on the device.  Data exchanged between the bank and the user's phone is confidential and consistent. Cryptographic security prevents any changes during transmission. This means that the transmitted information cannot be changed or read by third parties.

When a new application appears on our device which is potentially considered to be stealing data, our finances will be secure. The application for managing the company will inform us at start-up about the threat that has appeared. This will protect us from the loss of funds, as well as the loss of company reputation, if stolen data was to be used to commit a crime.

The system may inform us of any change that occurs on the account by a push notification. This allows us to react quickly and protect ourselves from theft if it wasn’t us that have just executed the transaction. These are a few of the solutions that keep our finances safe at all times.

Quick access to cash always at hand

In today's demanding world, the advantage of a mobile application is the possibility of obtaining additional funding directly. This is possible thanks to the Fintech-type offers which allow you to apply for factoring, current monitoring of its use, or automatic balancing receivables and payments.

Do not hesitate. Start running your company from a smartphone today.

Anna Kulpa, Business Analyst, Comarch

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