Open API, Open Opportunities: Comarch’s Blueprint for SME Banking Excellence

There is no question, digital transformation has ceased to be a passing trend and has become a pivotal shift in operational and customer engagement paradigms. Comarch, with its deep-rooted expertise in digitisation within the financial sector, is at the forefront of this revolution. This commitment to innovation and excellence has been recognised at the Global BankTech Awards 2023 organised by The Digital Banker, where Comarch was honoured with the title of “Best API/Open Banking Platform Provider for SME Banking”. This award is a nod to Comarch’s focus on tailoring its services to the intricate needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and underlines its role as a catalyst for digital enablement within this vital business segment.

Comarch’s profound impact on SME banking has been solidified by its Open API approach and the creation of a flexible and integrative digital ecosystem”, said Nirav Patel, Managing Director of The Digital Banker.Their platform’s ability to drive growth and reduce costs for SMEs, while maintaining security and ease of use, has set a benchmark in the industry, making them a clear choice for this award.

Crafting a digital ecosystem for SMES

SME clients find themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape, where agility and digital savviness are not just advantages but necessities. Comarch has acknowledged this by creating an ecosystem rich in varied products designed to support SMEs in their business endeavours. This ecosystem is constructed on a technological bedrock utilising microservices and micro frontends, aligning with the principles of cloudnative applications.

The foundation of Comarch’s solution leverages a framework for both front and back office operations, allowing for a flexible configuration and content enrichment tailored to SME needs

Their comprehensive Comarch Design System Library provides a suite of graphical components to ensure seamless user experiences, crucial for businesses that need to adapt quickly to changing market demands.

Moreover, Comarch’s offering includes a range of complementary services such as configurable dashboards, Form Creators, and Business Process Creators. These services empower SMEs to customise their work environment, creating products, surveys, and applications without extensive IT involvement. By furnishing businesses with tools like the Rules Engine and multi-channel communication sets, Comarch facilitates a selfsufficient approach to managing processes and client interactions.

An integral part of Comarch’s digital transformation strategy is its open API approach. With interfaces based on OpenAPI 3.0, Comarch ensures its services are not only user-friendly but can also be effortlessly integrated with third-party applications. This interoperability is a boon for SMEs that rely on a myriad of tools and services, as it enables them to weave an interconnected network of applications, all communicating fluidly within the Comarch ecosystem.

Flexible model of cooperation: BUY, BUILD & OWN

Comarch stands out through its innovative flexible model of cooperation that marries the concepts of buying, building, and owning – a trifecta that assures SMEs can step into the digital age with confidence and support.


The ‘Buy’ aspect of the model presents a lowprice, quick time-to-market advantage. Financial institutions, especially SMEs with often limited resources, can purchase a licensed product that bypasses the heavy investment typically associated with research and development.


Build’ represents the solution’s flexibility and the inherent customisation mechanisms it possesses, including a full software development kit (SDK) for developers and low-code or no-code tools for those without technical expertise. This allows SMEs to shape the solution to their unique needs, a crucial feature for businesses that must remain nimble and responsive to market shifts.


Lastly, the ‘Own’ element ensures that clients gain ownership of the most critical part of the application – the business pattern. This ownership provides SMEs with the independence and security needed to operate confidently in a digital landscape.

Driving SME growth through digital innovation

For SMEs, the implementation of Comarch’s solution platform is transformative. Not only does it cater to the digital needs of these enterprises, but it also facilitates an ecosystem where various products coexist and complement each other to support SME business operations comprehensively.

Banking services within the Comarch platform are extensive, covering everything from basic account management to advanced cash management and investment services. This breadth of service allows SMEs to access enterprise-level banking functionalities, optimising their financial management and bolstering their growth.

Furthermore, Comarch’s continuous investment in R&D, particularly in AI, promises future enhancements that will further streamline operations and data processing, thus aiding SMEs in managing the increasing volume of digital transactions securely and efficiently

Digital adeptness is the name of the game. With Comarch’s solution platform, a significant stride in banking digital transformation, particularly for SME clients, can be achieved with precision and confidence.

Global BankTech Awards 2023

Comarch was awarded the title of Best API/Open Banking Platform Provider for SME Banking by The Digital Banker at the Global BankTech Awards 2023.

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