Comarch Open Platform as the Best Innovator in the UX Category

Comarch Open Platform has been named the Best Innovator in the User Experience category in the Best Financial Innovators 2023, held by the Global Finance Magazine.

Best Financial Innovators 2023

Comarch Open Platform is an advanced high-tech IT solution that is primarily designed to achieve the highest possible end-user efficiency by maximizing the level of user experience.

It is an initiative that is much broader than the usual software delivered out-of-the-box. Comarch Open Platform engineers knew from the very beginning that their main goal was to meet the requirements of individual stakeholders throughout the application lifecycle in the organization.

1. The first step of the experience 

As a company, we believe that the adventure with the product we deliver begins with initial step of early offer and establishing the cooperation model. Already at this stage, Comarch Open Platform includes a flexible model combining Buy&Build&Own strategies that provide a number of advantages:

  • Buy – purchase of a licensed product. Low price in relation to the R&D process incurred, and quick time-to-market.
  • Build – the solution is flexible and includes built-in extensive customization mechanisms. In addition, it provides many tools and mechanisms for further application development: both developer tools such as full SDK, as well as low-code and no-code tools for non-technical users.
  • Own – the client takes over the ownership of the most important part of the application, i.e.  the business pattern, gaining full independence and security.

2. The second step of the experience 

The next stage when users experience our software is the process of its implementation. At this point, we have tried to make our solution to be not limiting, above all else.

Therefore, its scope is totally flexible so that it is fully adaptable to the local environment and needs. In addition, the solution consists of well-thought-out mechanisms and tools dedicated to technical users, i.e. full SDK with carefully prepared documentation.

The built-in DevOps tools allow you to apply strategies for implementing, maintaining and developing applications in an effective, automated way.

Bearing in mind the equally important group of business users involved in the solution implementation process, it also includes low-code and no-code tools, allowing them to configure the final shape of the application with no need for a technical background.

3. The third step of the experience

In the final step, our solution goes into the decisive phase, where it reaches end-users – both external (CX) and internal (EX).

Both front- and back-office interfaces by definition contain a number of mechanisms that allow for a wide range of customization to individual preferences, giving the possibility of full personalization.

The platform’s open character allows for integration with external solutions, providing users with full processes built from interpenetrating products in a seamless manner. Built-in analytical tools supported by the AI model and platform configuration tools give the possibility of continuous optimization of the offered products, services, processes, and their automation, if possible, but also actively support users by offering personalized hints and suggestions for new solutions – this applies to both activities performed by the end-user and operational employees also using the application – so as to react quickly, continuously and achieve the highest level of user experience.

With these three steps in mind, our solution guarantees the best user experience at every stage of its lifecycle. This is consistent with current market trends as well as the emerging strategies of Total Experience (TX) and Multiexperience (ME). Gartner predicts that by 2024, organizations that use TX strategies will outperform the competition by 25% in terms of satisfaction rates.

Grzegorz Urbański

Author: Grzegorz Urbański, Product Manager

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