Service Order Management

What is Comarch Service Order Management product?

Comarch Service Order Management enables communication service providers to manage service orders during the fulfillment process. It is the core module of Comarch Service Fulfillment & Orchestration.

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Features of Telecom Service Order Management product:

End to end service order management

The system enables creating, modifying/upgrading or terminating services. It manages service orders during the fulfillment process, through the stages of feasibility (availability) checking, reservation and finally provisioning and activation of the services (and underlying network resources).

Dynamic order decomposition

Comarch Service Order Management employs the idea of dynamic order decomposition, based on product catalog / service catalog and service inventory data, which enable to decompose customer orders into technical orders along the TMF SID-compliant CFS-RFS-R model. The orders can be decomposed automatically or manually, through a process managed according to the service / resource factory concept.

Support for order execution

The execution of orders is performed via Comarch OSS Process Management, which enables basic monitoring and tracing of the underlying processes and sub-processes.

On the fly order changes

The system lets you suspend and resume orders, performing “on-the-fly” order changes (depending on the rules defines per service types).

Notifications of order state changes

Comarch Service Order Management generates notifications of order state changes, which can then be propagated up to the Comarch Customer Order Management module.

Network provisioning orchestration

The mechanism enables to configure the granularity of the order decomposition, so that the existing legacy system or low level network provisioning orchestration can be easily implemented.

Automation for shorter time to market

The order execution times can be shortened, thanks to automating the end-to-end service order management process (with the ability to orchestrate manual sub-processes).

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