OSS Process Management

What is Comarch OSS Process Management product?

Comarch OSS Process Management enables you to fully monitor and control the execution of network management processes. It masks the complexity of internal process dependencies and relationships, allowing system operators to focus on their core tasks.

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Features of Comarch OSS Process Management product:

Automate to save time and money

The system enables you to achieve a high degree of task automation and reduced operation times, which in turn leads to visible cost savings, and to benefit from greater efficiency of OSS systems and change management processes.

Pre-defined processes and interface forms

Comarch OSS Process Management contains libraries of predefined processes and dedicated user interface forms that reduce system deployment time and increase the efficiency of the implemented system.

Comprehensively manage all network-related processes

Execute network management processes within the Operations, Fulfillment and Assurance areas of the service and resource layers, as described in TM Forum's eTOM standard (GB921V). Gain full control over incident and problem resolution processes. The system comes with a set of incident management, configuration management, change management and problem management functionalities, so you can use a single tool for all these processes.

Easy integration with external IT tools

The system can be pre-integrated with Comarch Network Inventory, as well as easily integrated with other systems already in place.

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