tPro Mobile gets geolocation function

The tPro Mobile application for user authentication and authorization via mobile devices has a new geolocation function.

Comarch tPro Mobile is a handy solution for mobile-based customer authentication and authorization, distributed as a standalone app or additional security layer for the existing apps. It can be used in retail and corporate banking, loyalty systems, e-commerce and many other environments where data security plays a key role.

Our product provides a wide range of authentication mechanisms: from traditional PIN codes up to biometrics. Thanks to OATH compatibility, Comarch tPro Mobile can be used as an independent authentication factor (2FA) for various corporate resources such as e-mail, sensitive databases or administration panels. It can also verify bank transfers, so the sender knows they go to the right accounts.

The new geolocation function allows tPro Mobile to determine user location based on longitude and latitude, speed, or movement direction. This allows for comparing geolocations from GPS and IP. Device modes such as root, debug or simulator are also analyzed. The output is visualized in a graphical form and allows the administrator to determine scoring for a given login.

The new function lets you verify whether an employee staying outside the company is where they should be, and limit access to specific resources from a given location. It is particularly suited to the needs of the Swiss market - access from abroad to data stored in Switzerland is prohibited.

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