The Comarch Teller Application is a new IT system available within Comarch’s offer and is designed to serve financial institutions by offering functionalities necessary for comprehensive and efficient customer service in the branch as well as through its call center.

Basic tasks carried out by the system include:

  • bank account services (set up, modification, closing, activation of overnight deposits)
  • functionality enabling  the user to browse the history of operations and print bank statements
  • processing of cash payments and withdrawals
  • processing of money transfers
  • loan repayment – cash or transfer
  • withdrawals from credit accounts – cash or  transfer
  • credit card repayment – cash or transfer
  • deposit services (setting up, extending, and closing)
  • direct debit services
  • payment order services
  • possibility to submit other applications and orders (e.g. loan applications)
  • cashier reports (opening and closing).

The application has been written in a web technology, which makes access via web browser possible. Such a solution significantly facilitates work and lowers the cost of acquiring access to the system.  In a situation where a new branch or a new customer service desk is  opened an internet browser, as well as the necessary authorizations to use the system, are sufficient for launching it.

The additional advantages of the application are as follows:

  • Integration within the CAFE (Comarch Front-End) platform with CRM, Comarch Contact Center systems as well as CAFE Customer Service,
  • Integration with the credit processes support system, Comarch Credit Process Management,
  • Integration with the CIB internet banking system (Comarch Internet Banking) - a possibility to use CIB system templates for processing transfers ordered by customers at a cashier in a bank.
  • Contextual process of customer order completion – the system suggests the next possible steps.
  • Restriction mechanism and two-stage order approvals – based on threshold amounts, the system can require the authorization of certain requests by another person – a cashier’s supervisor.
  • Verification of signatures – a simultaneous display of a signature from the signature template card and those submitted by  the customer.

The Comarch Teller Application IT system has been created with the intention to integrate many types of software, which bank employees use for customer service, into a single entity of functions.  Within the scope of its transactional operations, the application delivers the functions of a central transactional system, card system, signature verification system, multisafe support system, as well as a central document repository.

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