Comarch Pricing & Billing is a flexible tool which provides the opportunity to quickly design, test and implement innovative packages for payments and commissions in the bank. The implementation of the Comarch Pricing & Billing system allows the introduction of individually negotiated programs, which calculate payments and end commissions, matching the client profile with an acceptable level of costs for the client and profit for the bank.

‘Banks are increasingly paying attention to the issue of keeping existing clients. Thanks to support from modern IT systems, they are carrying out the segmentation of clients. At the same time banks are individualizing relations with key clients through the introduction of payments and commissions packages, which are adapted to the specific segment or client profile. The shape that the packages take may be up to individual negotiation. This leads to the creation of long term cooperation with clients, which are valuable to the bank, together with a more effective sale of consecutive products and banking services’ says Anna Wierzchucka, Business Development Manager, Comarch SA. ‘Comarch Pricing & Billing is a flexible billing system which makes up to date calculations based on events linked to products owned by the client. The system works together with external applications in real time as well as in batch mode. Information exchange occurs through accurately defined productive interfaces. Thanks to this it is possible to use the billing system for cash card transactions or dispositions for Internet bank transfers’, Wierzchucka underlines.

Comarch Pricing & Billing is a tool which can be used not only by a bank, but by every institution where the need arises to calculate payments and commissions (e.g. portals which broker in e-shopping, those offering online payments or cash transfers).

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