Striking the balance between security and user experience: a white paper from Comarch and CS Hub

A new Comarch's white paper on how to stay both secure and user-friendly is out now. It's been written in cooperation with Cyber Security Hub, an online news source for global cyber security professionals.

Transaction-based industries face increasing threats from fraud and identity theft. Bad actors are constantly evolving their tactics, the number of devices accessing accounts is growing, and the current methods of transaction authentication are riddled with false positives and poor confidence scores.

Still, both businesses and their customers want a quick and secure method of ensuring the validity of transactions.

What is needed is an anti-fraud and anti-identity theft solution that simultaneously achieves high levels of trust and customer convenience, says X. For this reason, our white paper explains what security and IT leaders should consider when attempting to balance their company’s security requirements with customer experience.

The document authors argue that rather than creating barriers which impede customers’ regular activities, businesses should focus on growth through continuous authentication. Organizations that take no action to simultaneously address enterprise and customer requirements risk reputational harm, competitive disadvantage, shrinking customer bases, non-compliance, and potential legal action, reads the paper.

Download the white paper

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