SB SmartNet, a new internet and mobile banking system provided by Comarch, was successfully implemented at the Croatian Splitska banka, a member of the Société Générale Group. Thanks to the system, based on the Comarch Smart Finance solution, Splitska banka’s retail customers gain quick and easy access to essential account information as well as a multitude of convenient transactional services.

'Launching the project, we had a vision of Splitska banka providing its customers not only with a technology solution: a user-friendly app that anybody will be able to use easily, but also a top-notch service channel positioning us among the most technologically advanced banks on the Croatian market', explains Andre-Marc Prudent, Chairman and CEO of Splitska banka. 'I believe we succeeded in doing so', he adds.

Due to visually engaging charts and graphs, users of SB SmartNet are able to check their account status at a glance and instantly know what they tend to spend their money on. The system helps them effectively keep track of their household budgets and stay alert about unplanned expenses or approaching credit card repayment date.

'The main advantage of the implemented solution is that it truly supports users in managing their personal finance', underlines Sławomir Gierek, Director of Digital Banking Business Unit at Comarch. 'It is no longer about offering standard banking services but relevant assistance on the management of funds. ”Remember about your loan installment, due next week” or “Set limits on your spending, see our suggestions”', exemplifies Mr. Gierek. Such information leading its recipient along the path of financial choices, he adds, stands in good stead here.

The mobile version of SB SmartNet, designed for iOS and Android operating systems, meets the expectations of those who seek for clarity, ease of use and security in banking optimized for small screens.

'Our customers now have a tool that allows them for quick and easy banking wherever they may be. It was developed with one goal – to ensure maximum simplicity for users by enabling them to reach every option with not more than three taps', points out Nelsi Rončević, Splitska banka’s Board Member in charge of retail banking.

According to CEO Andre-Marc Prudent, the bank’s long-term objective is to extend the functionality of mobile and internet channels to all customer segments including over 2500 companies Splitska banka is currently working with. 'By investing in these channels we proved to be a bank that takes the evolution of our industry into account and focuses on the needs and expectations of every single customer', emphasizes Mr. Prudent.

'The deployment of our digital banking platform at Splitska banka is a significant step further in terms of cooperation between Comarch and the Société Générale Group, for whom we provide a selection of services in Europe and beyond', summarizes Piotr Kusek, Comarch’s Country Manager for the Austrian and CEE markets.


Société Générale – Splitska banka d.d., member of Société Générale Group, is a strong financial institution in the Croatian banking sector. Splitska banka’s vision is to be among leading Croatian banks, with support of one of the major banking groups in Europe, to be a bank attractive to its customers because of a wide range of high quality standardized products and services offered through the integrated network of traditional, mobile and direct distribution channels.