Comarch broadens cooperation with Fortis Bank Poland. Comarch Commission & Incentive, which for more than 2 years has successfully supported structure management and commission clearance with the external sales network at Fortis Bank Poland, embraced the partnered sales structures of former Dominet Bank with its functionalities.

Fortis Bank has one of the richest offers available on the market in the scope of personal and private banking. Additionally, it specializes in corporate banking and also serves small and medium businesses. Before the merger with Fortis Bank, Dominet Bank specialized in retail mass banking. Both banks, Fortis Bank Poland and former Dominet Bank, have just finished the merger process which has multiplied the number of customers.

Fortis Broker is an internal name for the commission-incentive system produced by Comarch.  The system was implemented in Fortis Bank in mid-2007 and since then it has supported structure and commission clearance management with the external sales network of Fortis Bank Poland.

The new version of Comarch Commission & Incentive includes numerous groups of franchise agencies of former Dominet Bank who are the system's current users. In this way bank agency businesses are allowed to review sales results, accomplishments of assigned tasks and also verify commission clearances prepared by the bank headquarters by accessing a dedicated portal.

- After 2 years of experience with the system we are very satisfied with our choice. The system works efficiently and steadily, and moreover it significantly eases communication with a wide range of users in a crucial matter of banking that sales is - says Janusz Stępień, Director of Systems Integration Office in Fortis Bank.

Comarch Commission & Incentive is a mature and proven solution, currently used in the banking and insurance industry. Its strong position on the financial market is built on rich functionality, a clear vision of product development taking into consideration the needs indicated by the market, as well as modern architecture.

Origins of the system were bound to store information on the sales network and ensured simple commission calculations. The development of the system accurately met the rising needs of the financial markets, which started searching for solutions providing many more possibilities. Comarch Commission & Incentive offers a wide range of commission algorithms, bonus calculation methods and monitors the sales network outcome. The automation of back-office processes, obtaining data by the system and settlements management reduces the user load of administration activities. It significantly decreases system usage cost and improves the effectiveness of a bank employees.

Fortis Bank Poland SA is a universal bank. Its offer is dedicated to individual customers and consists of saving-investments and credit products. Business customers are offered financing solutions on local as well as international markets. The bank shares have been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1994. The strategic shareholder of Fortis Bank Poland is Belgian Fortis Bank (75% of shares of Fortis Bank Belgium belong to BNP Paribas) that possesses 99, 81% of shares. More information at:

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