Nowadays marketing is not only advertising. It is all about the customers segmentation, contact with customers and preparing individual offers. In big institutions advanced IT solutions should be used.

Among systems for marketing department at bank are:

  • Comarch aCRM – a new generation tool (analytical CRM) used to dynamically process large amounts of data from the company’s internal systems and data coming in from external systems in real time.
  • Comarch CRM Campaign Management – a system which supports the management cycle of the whole marketing campaign, starting with the planning, through to testing, realization, modification, ending with an examination of its affectivity. The system allows one to reach a chosen client group, whose profile is carefully chosen, at the right time with the right information and via the correct communication channel. This unique solution, used by Comarch CRM Campaign Management, can integrate mass ATL campaigns with direct BTL campaigns, which leads to synergy effects between the two types of activity as well as cutting the costs of reaching the client.
  • Comarch Content Management System – the platform is a solution which manages the content and structure of the portal. It offers a set of tools which allow the mobile updating and management of the WWW service. Comarch CMS gives the user a large degree of freedom over the presented content and a high level of security. Working with the system does not require installing any additional programming by the client – all the necessary actions can be carried out from the level of the WWW browser.
  • Comarch Loyalty Management – an advanced set of business applications geared toward standard and advanced loyalty programs. The system stands out due to its elasticity, ergonomic user interface and ease in operation. The scalable architecture guarantees the adaption of the loyalty program to company growth.
  • Comarch Commission & Incentive – a provisional system dedicated to institutions, which use an extensive agent, broker and intermediary network. The solution integrates all the sales network data, commission policy for all the distribution channels and settlements with units in the sales network, in one place. Additionally, gathering all the sales data in a single location allows for better control of sales as well as the optimization of motivational systems.
  • Comarch Business Intelligence – a modern IT solution based on data warehouse technology. Its basic role is to deliver ordered and comprehensible information which supports decision making on various management levels in the bank. Comarch Business Intelligence allows the choosing of and the application of various analysis areas depending on the user needs, e.g. sales, finance, controlling.