Contemporary business is very heavily dependent on high speed communication as well as reliable and complete data. This means that companies and institutions are vulnerable to enormous loss and damage to their IT systems from break-ins as well as from abuses and misuses by their own employees.

To communicate effectively and securely on the Internet and on corporate networks, companies require solutions that enable them to:

  • Identify threats rapidly and accurately
  • Reduce the number of events by providing full and usable event data
  • Support the reaction by quickly delivering event information
  • Monitor and audit the IT infrastructure effectively to make it secure.

Comarch CentralLog is a comprehensive solution for managing security data generated by the company’s IT infrastructure and various systems and applications. The software makes it possible to collect and store data, centralize data analysis, take preventive measures, deliver company security status reports and alert the appropriate departments when a potential or actual problem is uncovered or detected.

The system’s functionality means administrators can manage events associated with security conveniently, thoroughly and productively.

Comarch CentralLog Functionality

Frozen Objects is a Comarch CentralLog module, which monitors changes in systems and applications. It can monitor a number of objects:

  • Files
  • Directories
  • Windows registry
  • Database table
  • LDAP directories
  • Server parameters (RAM memory, HDD usage, network interfaces etc.)

Managing security data IT infrastructure

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