Comarch has accomplished the main phase of the Personal Finance Management tool implementation in Italian UniCredit. The main objective of the implementation was to change the customers’ perception of online banking, by proving its high usability. UniCredit also sought to increase the sales of non-bank products and cross-selling as well as widen opportunities for attractive presentation of its offer.

- UniCredit needed a solution that would not only be state-of-the-art and user-friendly, but above all, that would encourage customers to make greater use of online banking thanks to its attractiveness’, says Damian Grela, Project Manager, Comarch. ‘UniCredit wished to be provided with the possibility to efficiently adjust the application to its needs, so it needed a suppliers of high flexibility and large experience in integrating systems with multiple and diverse data sources, underlines Tomasz Adamczyk, Business Solution Manager, Comarch.

Thanks to Comarch Personal Finance Management, the bank can explore and analyze customers' financial behavior and offer them products and services tailored exactly to their needs and expectations. As a result, the bank profits increase as well as the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

- The implementation project at UniCredit can certainly be considered a success – Comarch Personal Finance Management meets the expectations of the bank as proved by its recommendations and satisfied customers, and the fact that more and more banks of UniCredit Group are interested in introducing it, notes Damian Grela, Project Manager, Comarch.

- We at UniCredit are very satisfied with the results, outstripping out expectations. Over one in four customers have access to the PFM, with one in three visiting regularly. From a qualitative point of view customers have reacted very positively. According to the feedback received the service has been appreciated as ‘simple to use’, ‘catchy’ and ‘intuitive, underlines Heiko de Simone, Global Online & Mobile Banking, UniCredit.

The implementation project aimed at making the best use of the potential of the Personal Finance Management tool, not only for presenting contextual product offers, educational materials and tips on effective finance management. The capabilities of the solution also include budgeting, cash flow forecasting, ‘what if’ analysis, user comparison, virtual wallet and goal definition.

UniCredit is a leading European commercial bank with strong roots in 17 countries. Our overall global network embraces approximately 50 markets with nearly 7,750 branches and more than 130,000 employees (as of 30 June 2014). In the CEE Region, UniCredit runs the largest and most diversified international banking network with approximately 2,500 branches (Poland included). The Group operates in Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine (as of 30 June 2014).