Unceasing development and proliferation of solutions designed to illegally access, destroy or change electronically stored data makes it essential to deploy more and more advanced resources for secure storage, transmission and processing. Learn more about Comarch's IT security solutions at bank.

Smart TokenComarch CentralLog – a complex solution used to manage security information generated by the IT infrastructure of the company. It contains tools used to centralize, analyze and archive audit information generated by various security based systems and applications as well as being independent (databases for example).

Comarch MobileID – a new method of authentication and authorization based on mobile telephones. The solution is easy to use, low cost and technically advanced. It is available as a separate product or integrated with Comarch Security Access Manager DRACO.

Comarch Security Access Manager DRACO – a solution which guarantees identification, authentication, authorization and accountability in accord with the most modern tendencies in the area of security and individual client needs. DRACO’s functional scope covers a series of user management areas, their rights and access to sensitive data.

Comarch MobilePKI – a solution which supports authentication and authorization using mobile technologies. It allows use of the whole Public Key (PKI) infrastructure on the mobile phone using the SIM card.

Comarch SecureAdmin – a system that transparently monitors user activity on the network level (passive and active analysis). This means that implementation of the Comarch SecureAdmin system does not require any modification or reconfiguration of existing applications or systems. It is not visible to users.

Comarch SOPEL (Electronic Signature Process System) – the complete implementation of a device which verifies a qualified electronic signature as well as secure programming to create an electronic signature in accord with the current laws.

Comarch SafeDesktop – the solution secures the user station of IT system users. Comarch SafeDesktop allows one to gain various functionalities using micro-processing cards as well as USB tokens in heterogeneous environments, including MS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 and Linux platforms.

Comarch SmartCard – a micro-processing cryptographic card based on Java technology used to safely store sensitive information such as cryptographic keys and passwords. The cards are mostly used in PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) systems as well as in banking institutions where extra security is required, e.g. when clients carry out transactions. Security is guaranteed through the use of asymmetric cryptography as well as through the fact that the private key, used to undersign the transaction, never leaves the micro-processing card (it is generated on a card and cannot be copied in any way), on the other hand the card PIN is known only to its owner.

Comarch SmartToken – on the hardware side, the solution is based on USB tokens, which link the characteristics of a cryptographic micro-processing card with the card reader on one device. Part of the programming, together with the internal programming of the token, was designed by Comarch.

Comarch SmartCard Workshop – a solution used to manage the life cycle of cards and cryptographic tokens. Apart from the basic functionality, which realizes workflow processes and reports the current state of individual cards allocated by the system, it also allows for a full integration with the offered Comarch Certificate Authority system.

Comarch Certificate Authority – allows full implementation of the system based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), including the issuing of certificates which secure the post, www server, communications channels and authorization and authentication of users. It is a solution which services a certificate throughout its life – from the moment of its commissioning - until it runs out or becomes void.

Comarch Security Content Management – a complex solution for internet service providers. The system helps build a competitive advantage by widening the offer by a series of extra security options and extra control of the content and connections.

Consulting and turnkey systems – Comarch carries out complex consulting services, from the analysis of integral needs and business processes through to solution recommendations. It finally creates a functional specification as well as carrying out a project which implements the integrated platform. Comarch consultants have extensive knowledge in this area, which allows them to effectively analyze and design the flow of business processes inside the company as well as when communicating with business partners. Apart from the delivery and implementation of standard products we are able to fulfill individual client needs.