Comarch, a central European software house with expertise in financial IT systems, has implemented a solution to smoothly manage incentive compensation programs at the innovation award-winning Idea Bank based in Poland.

Idea Bank strived for introducing a system that could not only allow them to improve and simplify commission settlements, but also serve detailed data on commission costs on all levels of the sales process, control the efficiency of motivational systems and detect commission frauds.

'Their key requirement was that the system must be flexible and parameterizable, so that business administrators alone could make all necessary modifications of commission rules. It was crucial for the bank to have the maker-checker functionality and be able to track all changes in system logs', says Rafał Kwarciany, Project Manager, Comarch.

The implemented solution, Comarch Commission & Incentive, allows the administrators to independently manage the calculation and settlement processes, and user privileges, as well as parameterize commission rules and generate ad hoc and periodical reports – all with minimum assistance of IT professionals.

'All our network data is now stored in one, central place. Transparent incentive programs that we now run result in an increased sales performance. Finally, our employees can focus on what they are truly hired to do instead of being barraged with spreadsheets and invoices', highlights Małgorzata Schön, Head of Commission Systems Department, Idea Bank.

Idea Bank is a Polish midsize SME bank founded in 2010. It provides a wide range of financial services – apart from the banking-based portfolio, it also offers accounting and legal services, leasing, factoring etc. In order to gain competitive advantage over its rivals, the company has adapted a strategy of delivering innovative, SME-targeted tools for business management. It provides professional and complex assistance at every stage of the company’s development - from its launch to business expansion.

Comarch Commission & Incentive streamlines incentive compensation management in the sales networks of banks, insurance companies and other institutions with extensive sales structures and complex incentive remuneration schemes.

More on that in our Idea Bank case study.


Idea Bank was created to support entrepreneurs in realizing the dream of their own business. It provides assistance in the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Multi-channel distribution network allows Idea Bank to effectively reach customers, both through call-center units and a network of about 200 branches throughout Poland. At the end of 2015 this network consisted of 90 Idea Bank outlets, 75 Tax Care offices, 42 Idea Expert outlets, 18 Idea Leasing outlets and 2 Idea Leasing & Fleet outlets.