Smarty and her friend Jim are actively following recent technological trends and their bank’s offerings. They want to be smart with their money and their bank helps them in making right financial decisions.  Thanks to Comarch Smart Finance that smartly combines standard online banking features with personalized offers, as well as personal advisor and budget management tools, they can achieve their financial goals. Explore Comarch Smart Finance with Smarty and discover how to be smart with your money!   

  • Be always up-to-date with your money! The bank will let you know every time your attention is required or simply when you receive your salary.

  • Pay with your mobile phone!  Save time thanks to the convenient NFC technology.

  • Locate your bank’s ATMs, branches and partners’ best deals directly in the mobile banking application.

  • Make utilities payments directly from your smartphone! -Take advantage of QR-codes printed on the bills and benefit from the Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment approach.

  • Do you need foreign currency? Exchange the money online with your smartphone and get the best exchange rates directly from your bank.

  • Find out how you spend your money! Access detailed reports with categories of your expenses and plan your future ones.

  • Do you need some extra money? Get a quick loan using your smartphone, anytime, anywhere and just in few seconds!