Comarch has been delivering systems to various financial institutions, such as banks, brokerage houses, insurers and companies which manage assets and funds, for more than 15 years. As one of the largest IT suppliers in Poland and East-Central Europe, Comarch boasts many product lines, a rich collection of competencies and most importantly a large group of satisfied clients. We offer our own pre-designed solutions, dedicated solutions and work based on integrating systems.

This diagram presents Comarch’s competencies in the banking sector:

Comarch's competencies in the banking sector

Our mission is to deliver solutions which are closely adapted to user needs. We have, therefore, grouped them together into different areas depending on the specific area of the banking sector. We realize that expectations placed on back-office applications differ significantly from what is expected by clients, or systems which support the bank’s sales activities.

Comarch places special emphasis on the user interface. The usability of Comarch’s solutions is the key to the company’s huge success on the Polish market. Applications such as Comarch Internet Banking, Comarch Mobile Banking, Comarch Contact Center, CRM or Comarch Credit Process Management, have passed internal usability audits and are very highly regarded by our clients. Annual awards and the high position of Comarch’s solutions in various rankings pay testament to this.

We also pay great attention to the application’s ergonomics which guarantees a high level of work comfort for the bank personnel. The modern technology used in our solutions allows unlimited integration of Comarch systems with the bank’s database. The Comarch Front End platform (CAFÉ) is an example of this.

Guaranteeing the adaptability of our applications to changing market conditions is also important to Comarch. Often, we have to deal with changes by regulatory bodies (e.g. changing EU directives) in Poland and the rest of Europe. Increasing competitiveness and fulfilling client expectations, while keeping risk at a minimum, is also important to banks. Our solutions are characterized by a large degree of configurability. In systems such as Comarch Credit Process Management, Comarch Scoring Engine, Comarch Rating System, Comarch Document Management or the Comarch Content Management System, the business administrator can make significant changes without using a single line of code. More importantly the changes can be made by a bank employee who does not possess specialist IT knowledge.

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