Comarch rolls out a new system for banking

Global software and IT specialist Comarch launches a CRM system for sales management in the corporate banking and SME segments.

Comarch Relationship Manager Assistant is a mobile system for business client advisors, supporting them in their daily work through quick access to customer data and product knowledge base. It ensures that advisors are well prepared for each customer meeting, says Lukasz Rozlach, Head of Banking Industry at Comarch.

For managers responsible for sales, the system offers tools for monitoring advisors' activity and progress in achieving sales targets. A manager can see at any time what their sales funnel looks like and what each of their team member works on - they no longer have to wait end of day or week to complete all the leads, explains Lukasz Rozlach. The system also facilitates effective communication between analysts, product managers and customer advisors.

The distinguishing feature of Comarch Relationship Manager Assistant is sales forecasting based on AI algorithms.

We want to draw upon our experience with corporate customer service to accommodate advisors who seem underinvested when it comes to support tools, explains Andrzej Przewiezlikowski Vice President, Board Member at Comarch. Large CRM platforms do not have features tailored to specific industries or market segments. We want to fill this gap.