Comarch: mass remote working with tPro Mobile

The tPro Mobile application provides stable access to VPN to more than 5,000 Comarch employees.

Solution scaling and performance tests took only 3 days.

tPro Mobile is a mobile application for strong user authentication. It supports multiple authentication methods: from traditional PIN code up to finger and face biometrics.

The application allows us to ensure business continuity with significant savings in comparison to other solutions on the market.

A quick change to remote work model, and the provision of a secure authentication method for our employees were largely possible thanks to the Comarch VPN solution, and the 2FA application - tPro Mobile, explains Marcin Warwas, Director of the Services sector, Comarch.

tPro Mobile is easily scalable and designed for corporate purposes. It is also up to 3 times cheaper than what other companies offer, says Konrad Tarański, Comarch CFO. In an era of mass remote work, and the need to cut costs, this is a clear gain.

Currently, over 80% of Comarch employees work remotely.

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