A new loan origination  platform developed by Comarch has been rolled out at ING Belgium. The platform brings superior quality to customer service, and allows for a reduction of time needed to grant a loan. Comarch Loan Origination supports all major features associated with the process of mortgage sales management in relation to individual clients, i.e. loan simulation, application verification, underwriting, decision making and documents and contracts.

'Comarch’s solution will swap some of the existing isolated satellite systems for better ones and put these under one umbrella to bring new quality to customer service and enable more efficient end-to-end processes, says Philippe Gusbin, Head of Lending & Insurance Services.

Automatic document generation, shift toward paperless and electronic client dossier, open architecture allowing for quick introduction of new products, or single data entry – these are just some of the key benefits that the new platform comes with’, underlines Ksenia Goncharova, Sales Manager for Benelux at Comarch Financial Services.

Comarch Loan Origination was also to help the bank adhere to European Mortgage Directive (MCD) that came into force in April 2017 and that imposes new rules on credit institutions, such as standardized document structure, clear overview of all credit costs, update of legal clauses, etc. Partly by Comarch Loan Origination, ING Belgium is now fully MCD-compliant.


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