Comarch introduces Fraud Detection System for corporate and SME banking
Comarch has recently extended its offering with a system that can automatically flag suspicious transactions, reducing the effort of transaction screening.

With our Fraud Detection System, you can set rules that automatically flag potentially fraudulent transactions, and in so doing, spare yourself lots of effort that comes with transaction screening, says Maciej Sałata, Consulting Director at Comarch.

The system can be extended with AI algorithms to create models that can determine the occurrence of certain events with high accuracy based on historical data. This means that learning from past incidents, the solution can spot and understand relationships between data, detect anomalies or classify and predict specific events, says Tomasz Czech, Head of R&D at Comarch’s Financial Services sector.

The module reduces the false alarm ratio by as much as 60%, according to internal tests. This saves a lot of time for bank employees, so they can focus on the alerts that do come with a real threats such as money laundering. 

The system can work without supervision and comes in handy in both corporate and SME banking.