A new version of the ING Business application, based on Comarch Mobile Banking, supporting Apple Watch is available on the App Store. The solution offered by ING Bank Slaski is one of the most innovative mobile solutions on the Polish market.

‘ING Business for Apple Watch is a pioneering solution for corporate banking in Poland. It allows business clients to preview key banking information: the account status and a list of orders pending for authorization, on the fly, without having to log on to the application. Designing a widget for Apple Watch is a real challenge – especially when it comes to the user interface for such a small screen’, underlines Izabela Hanus, Project Manager, Comarch.

ING Business for Apple Watch allows users to view their account balance statuses, the number of orders to be signed and the exchange rates of selected currencies. The watch must be connected with iPhone on which the ING Business application is installed and from which the data are extracted. To access information on Apple Watch it is not necessary to log on to the ING Business application on iPhone – it is enough just to activate the widget.

Comarch Mobile Banking is a solution dedicated to bank business clients. Its functionality closely meets the needs of this customer segment, ensuring among others, the ability to authorize mass transactions, to browse numerous account balances of one company or several companies at once, and to create domestic or foreign transfers with the use of a recipient list, as well as rapid currency translation between company’s accounts and many others. Thanks to the application, decision makers can quickly obtain information on the financial status of the company, or perform the most important payment operations. The system is available on iOS and Android platforms.