Alior Bank’s Brokerage House was the winner of this year’s edition of the brokers for individual investors’ ranking prepared by the Association of Individual Investors (SII) and the editors of Forbes magazine. The quality of the Comarch internet brokerage platform was one of the main attributes influencing the high rating and indisputable victory.

The system consists of modules from Comarch Internet Investment and Notowania Online3. They enable the monitoring of current split quotations and market information, the exchange of securities analysis, as well as access to the investment accounts of clients. The integrated transaction module allows for quick submission of orders directly from the quotations table. Thanks to session monitors and an alert system, clients can easily respond to certain market occurrences and investment opportunities. A significant strength of this solution is a modern and simple interface. Working with certain analytical tools, it provides the implemented investment process with high quality, as well as a vast scope for personalizing functionality.

'The Internet offers a variety of services and products available to each of us at any time and place. Thanks to web access, Brokerage House customers can allocate cash more easily and efficiently. Brokers claim that complete Internet platforms multiply sales opportunities allowing, for example for cross-selling of brokerage products to bank or fund company customers. The Comarch internet brokerage platform used by the clients of the Brokerage House at Alior Bank is the most up-to-date system on the market' - says Grzegorz Prosowicz, Business Development Manager, Comarch SA.

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