Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials launched at AXA Luxembourg

Comarch Insurance Agents Essentials, a system dedicated for insurance agents, brokers and bank partners, went live at AXA Luxembourg.

The implementation covered all pre-sales and new business processes for life and pension insurance and aimed primarily at helping AXA advise on and sell life insurance products.

“For our investment and life products, we needed a new tool to support both the pre-sales activities of our distribution network, including needs analysis, simulations and quotation - and the sales processes, ranging from offer preparation through policy issuance to report generation”, says Georges Biver, Head of Life & Health at AXA Luxembourg. “We also wanted to stay on top of the upcoming laws, such as PRIIPS or IDD”, adds Mr. Biver.

Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials automates key insurance business processes including defining products, offer presentation, underwriting, policy operations, reporting claims, and more. It provides agents with efficient analysis of customer needs, access to their documentation and quick execution of quoting and policy issuance processes.

“The goal was threefold for AXA: stay compliant, provide the sales network with tools that would be more of a support than just a means-to-an-end, and finally - build a framework for a future-proof customer strategy. Our system is an excellent fit for that - it gives AXA the opportunity to transform their business digital-wise”, stresses Raphaël de Schrynmakers, Sales Manager at Comarch.

In the course of the implementation, Comarch Insurance Agent Essentials has been extended by a direct sales and customer portal and is now known as “Comarch Digital Insurance”.