The aim of the Comarch Life & NonLife Insurance implementation is to automate and increase the efficiency of Oney internal operations and cooperation with external companies that distribute Oney insurance products and handle claims in many European countries including Poland.

'Oney Insurance is focused on cooperation with large intermediaries, especially banks and Auchan Group distribution networks. In such a sales model, the key process is the exchange of large volumes of data. The implementation of Comarch Life & NonLife Insurance optimizes and automates this process, and migration of a five-million-policy portfolio to the common database significantly enhances our reporting capabilities and improves post-sales policy service. An important factor in selecting Comarch was the complexity of its offer based on a SaaS model, where we get both the IT product and an extensive set of web hosting, integration and maintenance services', underlines Robert Gauci, Chief Project Officer at Oney Insurance.

'This is yet another Comarch insurance project in the international environment. Its hallmark is the analysis dispersed geographically across numerous countries in Europe. The solution allows Oney for further flexible development both in terms of offered insurance products and business expansion to new markets, thanks to the applied multi-multi approach, i.e., multi-currency and multilingual support, and simultaneous handling of life and property products in various European countries in one system. Basing this project on the SaaS model proves that Comarch has an attractive offer for insurers who want to focus on their core business and at the same time move hardware and software maintenance to the external Data Center', says Maciej Ślósarczyk, Head of Insurance Consulting Department at Comarch.

'The implementation of Comarch Life & NonLife Insurance solutions includes the product management application configurable for both life and property insurance distributed by the Auchan Group agents in France, Portugal and other countries within the Auchan Group distribution model, as well as modules responsible for the policy, claim, settlement and business processing. Currently new policies are imported from external sources – after the project completion selected products will also be registered directly in the system in a direct sales model. The completed stage of the project covers Oney’s key insurance product service support, i.e., PPI (payment protection insurance)', adds Piotr Konieczny, Project Manager at Comarch’s side.

Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited is an insurance company belonging to Oney Banque Accord Group. Oney Banque Accord is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Auchan Group. Oney Insurance (PCC) Limited is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.