The analytical module is a part of the Comarch Asset Management platform and completes the previous Comarch asset management solutions as well as bookkeeping and fund reporting offer. The tool enables the easy analysis and preparation of lists based on financial data registered in core systems. The range of analysis includes transaction processing information, fund valuation, transaction records and investment limit control. 

'Our mission is aimed at achieving maximum growth of the clearing unit value in the long term by maintaining the highest level of security of investment activities at the same time. Achieving these goals requires constant monitoring of the portfolio structure and quality, fund management cost analysis based on current data coming from our systems. The Comarch solution supports this process', says Marian Kopa, Fund Accounting and Analyses Director, PTE PZU SA.

'PZU PTE has been our client for more than ten years, since the onset of the second pillar in pension funds. The experience from previous co-operation has been an additional benefit that has had an influence on the project success', says Grzegorz Prosowicz, Business Development Manager in the Finance, Banking and Insurance Department, Comarch S.A.

Comarch Asset Management solutions have supported fund managing companies since 1998. In the private pension fund sector, according to the latest Financial Supervision Authority data, more than two thirds of pension fund assets are processed through Comarch systems.

PZU SA, a joint stock company, is the parent company for all entities comprising the PZU Group. PZU SA operates in the sectors of property and casualty insurance and is the oldest, the most experienced and the largest Polish insurance company - in terms of turnover volume, number of customers, network of offices, as well as the number of employees and agents.