In the autumn of 2014, Comarch launched the Comarch Financial Services website which is intended – just like its Polish equivalent – for the British financial, banking and insurance market.

The reason for creating the website is the specific character of customers from various regions of the world and the fact that they have different needs concerning the products and services offered by Comarch:

Customisation and targeted marketing have been in the centre of Comarch business strategy for years. Launching our UK website is just another step of what we have been doing all along and what we are the best at. We understand that each market has it’s own specific needs and interests, our clients in different parts of the world search for different things, and we want to be there to meet those needs with the most accurate presentation and structure of information about us and our solutions – as was emphasized by Mateusz Popiołek, Consulting Director at Comarch.

You are invited to visit the Comarch Financial Services website>