Global IT vendor Comarch has announced expanding the front-office platform for insurers. The previous solution, supporting insurance sales force in their day-to-day activities, is now enhanced by a direct sales and customer portal. This strategic move allows providing an omnichannel platform named Comarch Digital Insurance.

Comarch Digital Insurance is now, on one hand, a system dedicated to agents, brokers or intermediaries. It helps them not only advise on and sell insurance products but also provide post-sales support, manage tasks and monitor business performance. On the other hand, Comarch Digital Insurance allows individual insurance customers to smoothly purchase a policy online and manage their insurance product portfolio.

Gaining access to a responsive website of Comarch Digital Insurance on their smartphone, tablet or laptop customers can independently enter data on the property they wish to insure, then check the policy price and buy the chosen variant. What’s important, they can also ask for support from an agent or a call center employee at any time. Sales force is able to carry on with the purchase process started by the customer or just supervise it, says Małgorzata Moderacka, Product Manager for Comarch Digital Insurance.

As Moderacka points out, the platform was designed from the start as one complete solution to provide salespeople with all crucial features supporting their everyday work and customers with a self-service portal to purchase covers and manage policies. The decision to broaden the scope of the solution was made due to current trends focused on digitalization, omnichannel and customer-centricity in line with recent Gartner and Celent reports. The Comarch platform is continuously expanded according to the product roadmap, where all improvements result from the market research and in-depth analysis.

We aimed for our new platform to constitute the complete digital insurance ecosystem and comprehensively handle sales and service processes both on the sales force and the end-customer sides. Digital tools facilitate everyday life, so it is high time to make use of them also in the insurance industry. Think about the next generation of customers, who have different expectations as they think mobile-first - we need to be part of digital transformation to meet their requirements, argues Małgorzata Moderacka of Comarch.

More than 1100 of Comarch’s IT engineers are currently directly involved in R&D projects across several locations in Europe. The company’s headcount worldwide is close to 5500.