Comarch Digital Insurance powering UNIQA’s insurance guarantees

UNIQA has implemented insurance guarantees based on the Comarch Digital Insurance system.

Comarch Digital Insurance is a software for front-office departments of insurance companies, providing efficient new business and after-sales processes for all business lines. Modern technologies and process automation enable effective customer service and efficient work of sales departments.

A tool implemented at UNIQA allows agents to handle bid bond guarantees quickly and efficiently. The process of issuing guarantees has been thought out and designed for the modern UX from the ground up. The interface is intuitive and ergonomic, which gives great ease of use and satisfaction.

Our main goal was to create a system that would facilitate the process of handling bid bond guarantee payment and shorten the time of its preparation. While designing the new tool, we took into account the expectations and remarks of our sales network that was involved at every stage of the project. Thanks to that we've worked out the best solutions together, and then implemented them in the system - says Krzysztof Niewiadomski, Product Owner of UNIQA.