To satisfy expectations of the market and customers, Comarch SA has recently included in its offer a new depository system belonging to the Orlando product family - Comarch Custody 2. A new solution for custodians has been developed with the use of state-of-art tools providing an integrated functionality for the complex servicing of securities, including accounting and operations on public securities, central bank deposit securities, as well as OTC market and foreign deposit instruments.

The Comarch Custody 2 system supports transaction settlements processed in real time, as well as multi-deposited and multicurrency securities accounting (including SWIFT outputs for foreign payments). Moreover, it provides a variety of SOA services enabling integration within the bank's infrastructure. The most important functional advantages of the new solution are the following: improved accounting engine, handling a large number of securities deposits, separate transaction and settlement processing for buyers and sellers, ongoing update of NDS transaction statuses based on imported status messages, automated balance and transaction reconciliation with the deposit data, end-of-day monitoring of chosen elements, e.g. completeness of transaction settlements and corporate event phases, execution of planned reports, etc.

One of the key technological aspects of the new solution is the use of Java technology and three-layer architecture.

'Changes in technology and architecture, including re-designing of the database ensure better performance of the system', says Tomasz Slupek, Business Solution Manager, Banking, Insurance & Capital Markets Business Unit, Comarch SA. 'However, functionality is a key advantage of the solution. It allows for flexible adjustment of our customers' business to the rapidly changing environment, while ensuring undisturbed participation in global market turnover and settlements.'

The same assumptions were taken into account by Comarch while developing the Comarch ESDK+ application. Comarch ESDK+ supports the generation of new XML messages compliant with NSDR requirements. The application was well-received by the market and some participants of the Polish National Depository for Securities have already decided to implement it. Recently, decisions on purchase and implementation of Comarch Custody 2 have also been made by several Polish custodians.