The Comarch Contact Center application is not only a centrally integrated a list of clients and contacts. Due to its ability to service most of the available communication channels, the solution fulfills the requirements of an advanced client contact platform. The following channels are currently supported: telephone conversations, emails, text messaging, chat, fax services as well as online contact forms.

The method used to integrate communication channels within the Comarch Contact Center erases the borders between telecoms equipment and the computer. The application allows for the possibility to service all the integrated channels directly. The complex service creates an unparalleled opportunity to build a unified communication strategy with the client using one tool. The top quality of services on offer is reflected in client satisfaction. The available report tools present information about the services rendered, e.g. on reaction time for incoming information.

Many companies have problems with efficient management for large amounts of incoming electronic mail. Maintaining an appropriate level of client services also means fast and competent answers to client enquiries.  With this goal in mind Comarch Contact Center provides mechanisms which allow incoming emails to be sorted appropriately.

Methods available for email management:

  • Key word identification: allows mail to reach the team in question directly
  • Configuration of client email addresses to a special panel: e.g. information on advertising initiatives – a team responsible for the initiative can be allocated for each address
  • Manual email sorting: mail is allocated to specific teams after being sorted on a specially dedicated panel

The mechanisms used by the Comarch Contact Center also allow correspondence to be sorted by topic. This means that the reply to an email sent by a call center employee reaches them directly. These, as well as the remaining functions of the Comarch Contact Center, allow it to maintain a high level of service for the mass client.

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