The implementation of the Comarch Commission & Incentive program at Fortis Bank Polska was a complete success. The system, known inside the bank as Fortis Broker, supports structure management and commission clearing with the bank’s external sales network.

The solution consists of the central application supporting activities of the bank’s team as well as a portal for external financial advisers based on which they can monitor their own sales figures, check the completion of delegated tasks and verify commission calculations prepared by the bank. The Configurator equipped with a multilayered commission calculation model is the most important module of the system. The data, which constitutes the basis for clearing is automatically gathered from the central transaction system of the bank. Commission invoices issued by the system are automatically attributed to the correct cost account and sent off to the central file.

- We have chosen the Comarch Commission & Incentive system due to its high configuration potential. The commission and incentive program directed to the external sales network of Fortis Bank consists of many advanced algorithms facilitating the cooperation of individual and business client advisers, intermediaries and developers. Ongoing presentation of sales figures for advisers and managers is its important element. What is also important is that Comarch’s solutions facilitate not only the current program management, but also executive modifications in the future - says Katarzyna Słowiak, responsible for the implementation of this application at Fortis Bank. - In a dynamic growth environment, a flexible sale network model is important, which facilitates the management of multilayered structures of distribution channels.

- Thanks to the cooperation with Fortis Bank, our IT solutions became enriched with a new version of the Sales Objectives Management module - adds Maciej Ślósarczyk, Product Manager at Comarch. - It allows for an innovative approach to defining sales and quality objectives while considering local market potentials, seasoning as well as the profile and individual career path of each customer adviser. This version also provides for special time divisions given to advisers for starting a business. The information about ongoing objective completion is applied by algorithms calculating commission revenues.

Fortis Bank Polska SA provides services to companies and individual clients. The bank’s shares are quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The bank consists of 45 branches in the largest Polish cities and employs 1700 people. The strategic shareholder of Fortis Bank Polska is Belgian Fortis Bank which owns 99.2 percent of the shares.