27-29 April 2009
Berlin, Germany

The IFG organized a seminar in Berlin focusing on risk management in factoring transactions. The attendee list included representatives from factoringcompanies who shared their experience and perception of the current situation on their respective factoring markets.

Participants also had the chance to learn about the most important aspects related to risk management in factoring transactions. They learned how to minimize risks, prevent fraud and adapt gathered knowledge to their business activity.

The agenda covered interactive workshops, presentations conducted by factoring experts and interesting discussions, including:

  • Risk Management in the factor environment
  • Account Management
  • Audit and Recovery
  • Debtor Risk Control
  • Debtor identification and analysis, credit insurance and organizational aspects
  • Typical industry risks
  • Handling of insolvencies and measures for reducing losses
  • External Credit Insurance
  • Operational Risks with regard to Compliance
  • Capital Requirements and Funding
  • IT Risks
  • Fraud
  • Contract Risk

Its participation in the seminar allowed Comarch to share its experiences, deepen its knowledge of how to manage risks and familiarize itself with new solutions present on the market that cover risk management in factoring transactions.

Comarch has extensive experience in the automation of factoring processes and it is interested in introducing into the market new IT tools for managing risks in factoring. Existing Comarch factoring software will be extended by new mechanisms related to the Risk Management area.