Alior Bank has implemented the Comarch solution providing access to new channels of mobile banking for smartphones and tablets users ‒ it is a completely new quality of customer communication with the bank that takes advantage of all capabilities of modern mobile devices.

- Comarch Smart Finance is an innovative mobile banking solution, which keeps up with the latest trends in banking 2.0 and multichannel banking. Smartphones are no longer just a mobile channel to access the  bank account ‒ they begin to play the role of a personal financial assistant. The key to success is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that encourages interaction with the bank, and the ability to easily expand the functionality with the use of typical smartphone features such as user location and instant messages, says Lukasz Luzar, mobile banking expert at Comarch SA, supporting the implementation of Comarch Smart Finance in Alior Bank.

Comarch Smart Finance is a comprehensive banking solution, which provides an intuitive and easy access to all functions of the bank account, while offering many additional features. In addition to standard mobile banking features e.g. an account history, transfer and deposit processing, users have the possibility of card repayments, overdraft limit changes or exchange rates browsing. In case of losing a credit card, it can be instantly blocked. The application also allows to locate the nearest bank or ATM, presenting search results on an interactive map. A major shortcut for users is the possibility to authorize transactions with a built-in mobile token without the use of authorization cards or SMS codes. In the nearest future, Comarch Smart Finance will also support personal finance management, incoming transfer notifications and card repayment reminders.

- Not so long ago, mobile banking was associated with non-intuitive applications difficult to install and used only in necessity. Smartphones and tablets re-defined the customer-bank interaction with new features that PCs cannot provide. Together with Comarch, we have created a mobile financial management system thinking about our customer comfort. The application offers  friendly graphics, an intuitive interface and broad functionality, which will be developed further in the near future. Access to all operations is much easier, no matter if the customer uses a tablet or a smartphone, says Krzysztof Suchan, project manager at Alior Bank.

The application is now available in AppStore and Google Play. Non-Alior Bank customers can browse the application in a free demo mode.