Comarch Client Reporting & Communication has been specifically designed to address all critical business issues within a single, integrated, enterprise automated, client reporting software solution.

Comarch Client Reporting & Communication is a solution that generates reports of the highest caliber, which include the value, profitability and risk of the client’s pension-investment product, which is based on investment funds, shares and other financial instruments. It links the process of managing a large database, its design and the generation, distribution and publication of reports, in accord with the policy of the given institution

Client reporting software covers:

  • Support for new communication channels
  • Professional tools for advisory & sales activities
  • Mass report generation and distribution
  • Fund level and client level reporting
  • Performance, attribution and risk analysis
  • Unified data sourcing for all beneficiaries
  • High service efficiency, security and availability (Comarch Data Center).

Investment reporting software

The whole platform is scalable with the client’s business and can be offered as a service model (SaaS). Additionally, the possibility exists to use the  Comarch Data Center solution. This guarantees the highest standards in terms of security, accessibility and process productivity. The solution can also be implemented as part of the infrastructure, which already exists in the financial institution. It is also able to take into account individual standards for business intelligence tools and reporting.

Key software features

Report Generation and Distribution

The module generates mass reports: predefined or designed by the user, which enable the creation of different report templates dedicated to a relevant group of clients (e.g. institutional or retail). These are based on components linked with investment portfolio analysis and various types of explanations and comments made by analysts and managers. The solution supports different report outputs (PDF, XLS, RTF, XML) and delivery methods (email, Web portal, mobile devices).

Data Management and Integration

A database dedicated to reporting on the investment portfolio, supported by the best practices and business intelligence solutions. Integrates market, transactional and portfolio data as well as operations carried out on investment fund registers. The architecture and management of the data warehouse ensure complete data security and compliance.

Performance and Risk Measurement

A calculation engine and dedicated tool for analysts/risk managers for reports or internal use (ad-hoc and scheduled analyses):

  • Client portfolio return vs benchmark,
  • Up/down market ratios,
  • Best contributors / biggest detractors,
  • Performance & risk analysis (Sharpe, STD, etc.),
  • Attribution analysis – equities  and fixed income models (sector, country or duration segments).

Mobile Application & Customized Web Portal

An additional functionality which supports different communications channels (Web Portal, iPhone, iPad) for Advisors: dedicated offers, market comments & news, investment products & benchmarking, and Clients: customized report design (portfolio summary, top holdings, historical value and return, client transactions, country/sector distribution, risk and performance, explanations and comments) and reports library maintenance (current and historical).