Comarch’s new product allows for qualitative and quantitative analysis of all kinds of information within databases. The Analytical Console’s core function is data mining: going through huge amounts of information in search of significant trends and anomalies.

Comarch Analytical Console is a Rich Internet Application (RIA). The Console is both visually attractive and easy to use. The results of data analyses are presented in the form of graphs and charts which helps to quickly spot unusual events or interesting correlations. Most actions in the application are triggered using drag & drop. The charts can be viewed in greater detail by clicking a chosen segment and drilling down to find the source of the analyzed event.

- The Analytical Console was created for IT security specialists and analysts who conduct security audits. What is crucial for institutions is that the Comarch Analytical Console helps to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It is also a very flexible tool for analyzing any given kind of data from all kinds of databases, says Tomasz Sniezynski, IT Security Consulting Director at Comarch.

The application may be used for analyzing different types of data: from bank or stock transactions to system logs. Comarch Analytical Console is a standalone product which works well with third party systems. Reports from the Console May also be exported to the Comarch Central Log.