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Drones in the service of insurance

Many analysts see drones as another important technology for the insurance industry. According to PwC, drones are the future of claims adjustment. I strongly agree with this forecast.


Field Service Management and insurance

The problem of how to supervise the daily routines of distributed workforce is a challenge for many companies. But few readers of this section should be surprised by the fact that there’s the right software for this.


Big Data in insurance

Insurance databases with very large amounts of data are slowly becoming diverse but still cannot be characterized as highly volatile. These databases are ‘big’ indeed but cannot be classified as Big Data. What’s next?


No insurance software solution is an island

Product systems do not operate in a vacuum, always working together with specialized solutions that perform selected business functions in insurance companies.

digital insurer

The rise of the digital insurer

Digital sales channels appeared on the Polish market in 1997. It’s been all downhill from there. Kind of.

technology in insurance

How technology is changing insurance

We are constantly flooded with information about new technologies, innovative ideas, cutting-edge software and new generation tools. It’s getting hard to keep your head above water.

insurance it solutions

ABC of insurance IT solutions

An IT system is a complex computer program or a set of interacting programs designed to perform specific functions. Here, we will focus on systems responsible for collecting, processing and sharing insurance data.