Why Should Banks Be Open to Ecosystems? The Trends & the DNB-Comarch Case

On January 18, industry professionals will discuss the merits behind creating software ecosystems in banking. They will delve into and outline the ever-evolving business landscape, which requires well-thought-through strategies and truly dedicated solutions for every end customer’s personalized experience.

The webinar, organized with the help of Helsinki Fintech Farm, will be divided into three sections, starting with an interview examining and explaining the case of DNB & Comarch. The speakers, Wojciech Dyk (Vice President of DNB Poland) and Andrzej Przewiezlikowski (Vice President of Comarch) will dissect the intricacies of this particular project to provide an example of a successful ecosystem implementation.

The interview will then be followed by Comarch’s Maciej Salata (Consulting Director) and Karol Leszczynski (Product Manager), who will analyze current banking ecosystem and factoring trends. A Q&A session will wrap up the whole January 18 event.

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Webinar agenda:

  1. Brief introduction
  2. Conversation between Vice President of Comarch, Andrzej Przewięźlikowski (AP) and Vice President of DNB Poland, Wojciech Dyk (WD) about the DNB-Comarch case
  3. Comarch’s Consulting Director Maciej Salata’s presentation on banking ecosystem trends
  4. Comarch’s Product Manager Karol Leszczynski’s presentation on factoring trends
  5. Q&A session