Virtual Non-Financial Risk Summit
The pace of change in the cyber security industry needs to accelerate. We must not let hackers outsmart us. We must keep up.
If your calendar is not yet booked for June 22-26, there's a virtual event where the latest industry trends are going to be discussed in detail: the Virtual Non-Financial Risk Summit.

Organized by the Center for Financial Professionals, the summit will cover key topics including: resilience, third party risk, cyber risk, fraud and financial crime, and more.
Comarch company has a pleasure to give a presentation on mobile security measures on Thursday, June 25 at 10.00 (EST)/3:00 (BST). Comarch expert, Sonya Hamad, Business Development Manager, will be focusing on:
• The difference between two-factor authentication, two-step verification, two-step authentication, and multi-factor authentication
• Challenges of two-factor authentication
• The effectiveness of mobile devices and apps as a 2FA solution
• PSD2 requirements and best practices

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