Transform your insurance business into the future

The Thai Life Insurance Association, in collaboration with Comarch hosts a seminar aimed at providing valuable insights on transforming the insurance business for the digital age. The event, titled "Transform your insurance business into the future," addresses the evolving landscape of insurance in an increasingly digital world.

We will talk how to:

  • adjust the organization to move through the Digital era,
  • prepare and cope with future business operations,
  • adjust to be able to compete in business completely,
  • apply technology to business effectively.

Topics and speakers:

  • Life insurance in the age of Omnichannel revolution - Dulyalak Smanbut, Business Development Manager
  • Loyalty Program in an Insurance Enterprise - Parida Leelaniramol, Sales Director
  • Healthcare solutions for insurance - Pornpun Jaengpinijporn, Business Development Manager