Runtime Application Self-Protection – Threats and Antidotes – webinar

Still looking for sensitive data protection that doesn’t disrupt user-experience? We know how to make your cyber security mechanisms smooth and easy! This September along with Cyber Security Hub we will provide a unique chance to hear a webinar discussing most popular mobile threats and applications that enable to avoid them while keeping the process invisible for the end-user.

Our experts, Adrian Korczyński, Cyber Security Business Unit Director and Michał Olawski, Cyber Security Department Director will compare iOs and Android platforms in terms of security capabilities and show most common dangers that may jeopardize organizations causing great financial losses.

Attackers don’t waste their time and create various types of malicious programs to get maximum profits –  this webinar will prepare you for the security dangers using overlays, screen readers, key logges, application re-packing and code injection. Join us to meet security professionals and find the solutions of your need.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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