08 June London, United Kingdom

Comarch at Private Banking International Conference

We are proud to announce that Comarch joins Private Banking International Conference & Awards, organized in iconic Waldorf Hilton in London's West End on June 8.

01 June Madrid

Comarch is heading to Global Summit for Insurance Innovation

Mark your calendars for 1-2 June! At that time in Madrid, the industry leaders will gather to talk about innovation in insurance. Comarch joins the event both as exhibitor and sponsor.

30 May Brussels, Belgium

Comarch goes to The Banking Scene!

May 30 is the day when Belgian banking sector gathers in Brussels to discuss long-term strategies. Comarch joins the initiative as an expert in the digitization field and one of the main sponsors of the event.

24 May Brussels, Belgium

Decavi Insurance CEO Event 2017 awaits!

It is 13th time when industry leaders gather in the city of Brussels to discuss the future of the sector. This year’s meeting is held on May 24 in Cercle de Lorraine business club. Comarch joins the event as sponsor and exhibitor.

23 May Milan, Italy

Comarch launches the second edition of Insurance Breakfast in Milan!

We kindly invite all financial industry representatives to Comarch Insurance Breakfast, held at Martini Terraces of Milan on May 23!

21 May Philadelphia, USA

Comarch’s next stop… the city of Brotherly Love!

May 21st to May 24th Comarch will be attending 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

18 May Bangkok, Thailand

Comarch at Thailand Wealth Management Forum

May 18 is the day when financial industry gets together in Bangkok. For the 6th time experts and key industry players meet to debate on the recalibration of the wealth management market in Thailand. Comarch joins as a platinum sponsor of the conference.

18 May Rimini, Italy

Investment and Trading Forum awaits!

Event that brings together financial services professionals, consultants and investors – we proudly announce Comarch as a main sponsor of Investment and Trading Forum, held in PalaCongressi in Rimini from May 18th to May 19th!

11 May Madrid, Spain

Get ready for the Revolution Banking 2017!

May 11, 2017 is the day when Spanish banking industry gets together in Madrid at the Revolution Banking conference. Comarch joins the initiative as a silver sponsor and exhibitor.

05 May Luxembourg

Rock against Cancer with Comarch!

Mark your calendars for May 5! On this day audience gathers in Rockhal of Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg to raise money for a fight against cancer. Comarch joins Swiss Life initiative as a silver sponsor.

27 April London, UK

Comarch at Insurance Summit

Prepare for Insurance Summit taking place on April 27-28 in London! Comarch joins the conference both as a sponsor and exhibitor.

26 April Muscat, Oman

Comarch is heading to New Age Banking Summit!

On 26th and 27th April Comarch team joins an international banking industry conference in the capital of Oman – Muscat.

26 April Brussels, Belgium

Meet Comarch at Decavi Non-Life Insurance Trophies

Comarch eagerly awaits for the unique event for insurance industry - Decavi Non-Life Insurance Trophies. This year’s edition will take place on April 26 in Brussels.

24 April Amelia Island, Florida

Comarch is heading to Future Digital Finance

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting at Future Digital Finance conference in Amelia Island Florida, April 24th to April 26th!

19 April Amsterdam & Brussels, Benelux

Join Comarch Affluent and Private Banking Breakfast in Benelux!

We are proud to invite all financial industry representatives interested in private and affluent banking issues to join our unique business breakfasts in Benelux region. First of them will take place in Amsterdam on April 19, the second one will be hosted in Brussels on April 21. Be sure to join us there!

05 April Milan, Italy

Comarch Robo-Advisory Aperitivo in Milan

Experience the future of financial services and new front-end technologies in the Italian capital of finance! Comarch is hosting an exclusive Comarch Robo-Advisory Aperitivo in Milan on April 5.

04 April Cologne

Get ready for VersicherungsVertrieb der Zukunft in Cologne!

Comarch is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of the VersicherungsVertrieb der Zukunft conference in Cologne, taking place on April 4 and 5. The event is primarily dedicated to the current regulatory changes affecting insurance distribution.

30 March Madrid, Spain

Meet Comarch at Banca Privada

Mark your calendars for the next private banking industry meeting. On 30th of March let’s meet in the heart of Spain, Madrid, for another Banca Privada conference!

21 March Singapore

Let’s meet at the Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific

A City of Lions - that’s this year’s place to meet for all the executives from banking sector in Asia. Join Comarch at the second edition of The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific on 21-22 March in Singapore!

13 March Amsterdam, Nederlands

The Future of Retail Banking Europe awaits!

Conference from 13th to 15th March is a perfect opportunity to meet and discuss the era of innovation and disruption. Join Comarch at The Future of Retail Banking: Europe in Amsterdam!

13 March Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Comarch is heading to MEFTECH

Called the largest and the most prestigious event for financial community from Middle East and North Africa region - MEFTECH is a place to be for innovation leaders. This year’s edition will be held on 13 to 14th of March in Abu Dhabi. Comarch joins a gold sponsor of the event.

09 March Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Comarch at Rethinking Corporate Banking

Time to gather the industry and find the answer what the future of corporate banking might be. On 9th and 10th of March there will be an occasion to share experience and insights from the biggest – in Frankfurt am Main at Rethinking Corporate Banking Conference!

20 February Madrid, Spain

Banca Privada awaits!

Robo-advisory and fintech companies are affecting the private banking industry. Organized on 20th of February in Madrid - Banca Privada - is the place to share strategies and experiences in the changing landscape. Comarch joins as a sponsor of the event.

07 February London, United Kingdom

London calling – Comarch is heading to Finovate Europe 2017!

We are pleased to announce that Comarch has been chosen to present its solutions during Finovate Europe 2017 held in London on the 7th and 8th of February.

29 November London, United Kingdom

Comarch is heading to The Future of Retail Banking!

250 of attendees, 26 hours of presentations and networking, more than 40 speakers from the banking industry – that’s the 2016 edition of the Future of Retail Banking, held in London from 29th of November till 1st of December. Comarch joins as a sponsor and an expert in innovation!

29 November Carlsbad, California

Comarch at Net Finance Interactive

Want to unleash your digital potential and embrace disruption? There’s an event where you can gain inspiration for your business. Meet with Comarch and Financial Services leaders during Net Finance Interactive 2016 in Carlsbad, California from 29th of November till 1st of December.

29 November Leipzig

Meet with Comarch at IT für Versicherungen

29th and 30th of November are the days when insurance industry gets together in Leipzig. Key decision makers meet to discuss and exchange industry insights. Comarch joins the event as an expert in the IT solutions for insurance.

23 November London, United Kingdom

Let's meet at the Future of Private Banking and Wealth Management

Waves of technological change, structural upheaval and evolving client demands – these are only a few challenges that are faced by private banking and wealth management industry. Join the key players during the Future of Private Banking and Wealth Management on 23rd of November in London to discuss them all!

22 November Brussels, Belgium

Comarch at Belgian Insurance Conference 2016

On the 22nd of November 2016, Comarch will be speaking and exhibiting at the most important locally-oriented Belgian insurance event in Brussels- Belgian Insurance Conference.

17 November Luxembourg

Comarch Insurance Breakfasts in Benelux are coming

On the 20th of October in Brussels and on the 17th of November in Luxembourg, Comarch is organizing two Insurance Breakfasts. Their aim is to discuss best practices and new approaches towards insurance distribution. Both of them will be led by proven insurance consultancy entities and local insurance companies, such as CP Consulting UK, and Comarch experts.

15 November Vienna, Austria

Branchenkonferenz Versicherungen awaits!

Are we living in the Insurance 4.0 era? On 15th November in Vienna industry gets together to discuss the future of the insurance . Comarch joins as an expert in the field and a partner of the conference.

14 November Milan, Italy

Future Bancassurance Forum is coming

What results can come from confrontation of banking and insurance industry in Italy? A meeting for exchanging ideas and insights held in Madrid on 14h and 15th of November! Comarch joins the Future Bancassurance Forum as a sponsor and one of the experts.

27 October Barcelona, Spain

Meet with Comarch at 44th Efma Congress

Changing customer needs are one of the main challenges in 2016 banking industry. What are the others? Join Comarch at Efma 44th Congress on 27-28th October in Barcelona to discover them all!

26 October Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Let’s meet at Comarch Financial Services Workshop!

We are proud to invite everyone to the next financial industry meeting held in Dubai. Want to discover business case studies and banking experts? Mark the 26th of October in your calendar for Comarch Financial Services Workshop!

25 October Madrid, Spain

Comarch is heading to Insurance Revolution 2016

October, 25th Madrid- all is set up for the Insurance Revolution 2016, a conference where all insurance professionals can exchange ideas about digital disruption of the insurance world. Comarch joins as a platinum sponsor of the event

12 October Vienna, Austria

Meet with Comarch at Annual CEE Retail Banking Forum

It’s the 14th time when bankers and IT solutions providers meet in the heart of Austria to discuss the present and the future of banking. This year conference is held on 12-13 October, once again in Vienna. Comarch joins as a gold sponsor of the event.

11 October Amsterdam, Nederlands

Screen Markets 2016 awaits

FinTech innovations, Big Data – these are only two of many issues that will be discussed during Screen Markets 2016 in Amsterdam on 11th of October. Comarch joins as a platinum sponsor of the event.

06 October Dusseldorf, Germany

Come and see us at IT-Optionen für Versicherungen

6th and 7th of October 2016 are the days when the insurance industry gets together in Dusseldorf. Key decision-makers and experts in the field will discuss the impact of digitalization. Comarch joins as a sponsor of the event.

04 October Doha, Qatar

Comarch at MENA New Age Banking Summit

Innovation and tech-solutions are bringing the new paradigm to the banking industry. MENA New-Age Banking Summit that will be held on 4-5th October in Doha will be the great opportunity to discuss that paradigm. Meet us there!

27 September Zurich, Switzerland

Comarch at Swiss Life Network Partners conference

Two days of meetings, discussions and networking- this is the plan for this year Swiss Life Network Partners conference hosted by Swiss Life in Zurich on 27-29th of September. Comarch joins as an IT solution provider.