We kindly invite all financial industry representatives to Comarch Insurance Breakfast, held at Martini Terraces of Milan on May 23!

Digitization provokes changes in all areas of insurance. The second edition of the Comarch Insurance Breakfast focuses on capitalizing on digital transformation to improve both final customer and agent working experience. During the event in Milan we will guide you bit by bit through digitization process, show you a few case studies of insurers who succeeded via choosing digital transformation and share with you what might be the next step in the insurance business development. Prepare for speeches delivered by Comarch top experts Kamila Niekraszewicz, Emanuel Sitzia and Dania Lo Guasto and special guest – Carlo Palmieri, the founder of CP Consulting London!  With the accompaniment of delicious coffee Comarch Insurance Breakfast is the event that should not be missed!

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Find the detailed agenda and all the necessary info at Comarch Insurance Breakfast website. Event is free of charge for all the insurance market leaders!

Hope to see you in Martini Terraces!

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