Milan is not just a fashion capital of the world - it’s also a city where you can discuss recent trends in IT technology with world-class specialists. On February 23rd International Instutite of Research will host the 4th Information Technology Forum.

IT Forum is divided into five streams: Retail, GDO&Fashion, Banking&Finance, Insurance and Energy&Utilities so it’s a great possibility for Comarch sectors to join forces. Comarch Finance and Comarch Services will give 4 speeches in 3 different streams. Emanuel Sitzia will be talking about user experience from the perspective of the insurance market. Later on, Paweł Karwasz will share his thoughts and experience in multichanneling in financial sector. About the same time, but in different stream, Simona Castelnuovo and Michał Kawulak will talk about artificial intelligence, workflow and content management. Vincenzo Sinibaldi and Miłosz Brzozowski are also panelists and they are going to analyze business through the outsourcing of ICT solutions. For more details about the agenda, please visit the organizer’s website (in Italian only).

A group of Comarch specialists is ready to answer your questions. Financial Services will be represented by Paweł Karwasz, Emanuel Sitzia, Monika Sawiczyńska, Giovanni Valvo and Kamila Niekraszewicz. If you’re interested in Comarch Services solutions, you will have the chance to reach Michał Kawulak, Simona Castelnuovo, Vincenzo Sinibaldi, Miłosz Brzozowski, Piotr Strus and Edyta Leśniak.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us. You have plenty of options: via Twitter, Linkedin or simply e-mail us at